Voodoo Mars ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ (Album CD 2022)


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Voodoo Mars ‘Let’s Get Wasted’ (Album CD 2022)

Voodoo Mars debut in the Go Country Records catalog with this ‘authentic rockabilly’ album produced and arranged by Cris Mantello, a well known producer and poly-intrumentist musician. The album includes ten energetic songs with which the quartet summarizes the standard set of any good rockabilly repertoire with all its nuances, stylistic features and mixes. Nothing is casual or just the result of a creative impulse, Voodoo Mars take the stage and present themselves at their best. The four well-known Italian musicians deservedly arrive at an original musical production characterized by a frank and shared, almost collegial writing, filling a stylistic space that has been empty for too long in the catalog of the emerging Italian label.


  1. B-B-Burn
  2. The Devil Is A Woman
  3. Eenie Meenie Miny Mo
  4. Malena
  5. Rock And Roll Parrot
  6. Runaway Papa
  7. Sicario Mario
  8. Hillbilly Bop
  9. You’re My Ruin
  10. She

Produced by Cris Mantello

GC026 Go Country Records – Made in EU


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