Big Cowboy ‘The Hidden Room’ (Album CD 2019)

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Big Cowboy ‘The Hidden Room’ (Album CD 2019)

He is one of the songwriters and performers of The Beer Drinkers, one of the longest-living band of the Italian music scene with whom he developed his own repertoire, leader of the Americana Acoustic Strings and voice in the open project Paolo Nunin Band. Big Cowboy is a true ‘songwriter’ and puts his life in his songs, which he musically mounts in a semi-acoustic framework, a modern American folk that could be fully included in the wide musical field called ‘Americana’. As a self-respecting ‘cowboy’ he does not disdain acoustic solo performances, but also in duo/trio, given the collaboration with the musician and arranger Paolo Pizzi who worked on the arrangements and the production of Big Cowboy’s first solo ‘The Hidden Room’. ‘The Hidden Room’ is actually a folk/americana album, it contains 12 tracks which are 12 stories that Big Cowboy tells us  in a warm and cozy acoustic atmosphere.


  1. Cowboy Sad Lullaby
  2. Riding My Bike (Fire & Gold)
  3. Play Your Guitar All Night Long
  4. Against All Odds
  5. Don’t Be Afraid
  6. (I’m) Driving Through The Grey
  7. Look At The Eyes
  8. Bruno’s Wings
  9. Emonah
  10. No More Beer To Drink (For Danny)
  11. Cherry Pie
  12. Second Chance (Dec 16, Jan 16)

Produced by Paolo Pizzi and Big Cowboy.

GC014 Go Country Records. Made in the EU.

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